Mirabilia 2013 International Circus and Performing Arts Festival



Managed from March 2013 to August 2013




Held in the small town of Fossano in northern Italy, Mirabilia is one of the major annual festival of circus and performing arts (also encompassing music, urban dance, street and site-specific performance).

Since it’s foundation in 2007, it has become a crucial European meeting point for the creation and diffusion of live performances, a truly international platform, joining in the circuit of the major international festivals and gaining support from the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Culture and numerous public and private institutions.

Mirabilia Festival has a number of ties to European partnerships and projects. Among others, Mirabilia partners in Circus Next, a European network on contemporary circus and new scenic languages , related to JTCE (Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe), European platform that supported the distribution of young companies linked to nouveau cirque, thanks to the support and promotion of the French Ministry of Culture and various French and European organizations.