Call me Stef

About me

Born in Mexico, raised in Italy, over the past 6 years I worked as an independent creative producer for theatre companies and artists in Italy, India and Singapore, where I currently live.

I am passionate about connecting culture through performing arts, looking particularly at contemporary practices from Southeast Asia and Italy.

I hold an MSc in Cultural Economics & Management from the Bologna University (GIOCA) and a BSc in International Relations & Asian Studies from the University of Pavia.

I am also Postgraduate Vocational Training Master in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid, held by The International Red Cross at Universidad Jaume I Valencia, Spain and I volunteered for international cooperation projects in Tunisia and Palestine.


  • Events Management
  • Strategic Programming and Curatorship
  • International Relations & PR
  • Partnership Development
  • Fundraising & Budget Management
  • Talent Development & Artist Management


  • Coordinated and implemented creative projects & major events across Asia and Europe with multicultural & multidisciplinary teams.
  • Co-edited publications:
  1. “Cities: Living Labs for Culture? Case Studies from Asia and Europe” (ASEF 2016)
  2. “Arts Management: challenges and learning from 7 cultural organisations in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan” (ASEF 2016)
  • Thrived as a foreign independent creative producer in India and Singapore.