Design Dance combines contemporary dance, circus and theatre to bring design beyond its customary spaces. It has been staged at Teatro dell’Arte, Milano during the 2012 Milano Design Week.


Design Design combines contemporary dance, circus and theater to bring design beyond its customary spaces. It is the fresh and vibrant account of an original Italian tradition that continues to reinvent itself and attract international attention.

The three-year residency project in Meda and Bovisio Masciago of the Teatro In-Folio, titled “Carte Vive: Culture Is the Wealth of the Community”, was selected in 2009 as part of the ˆEtre initiative (‘Theater Residency Experiences’) of the Cariplo Foundation.

Dance Design, a project by Michela Marelli and Francesca Molteni, celebrates the great human adventure through the unique experience of design, staging a spectacular narration that makes the objects and the works of the great protagonists of Italian design of yesterday and today speak, act and dance.

Francesca Molteni, director and author, yet curator for I Saloni of various events among which Un bagno di stelle at Planetario di Milano in 2010 and author together with Michela Marelli of the event-performance Design Dance, involved NABA students of the School of Theatre and Exhibit Design, directed by Margherita Palli, of the Three-year BA Program in Fashion Design, directed by Colomba Leddi, in collaboration with Caterina Filice, for the realization of the scenes and costumes of Design Dance.“Design Dance” makes speak, act and dance, the works of the design protagonists. The objects are actors and storytellers because, like any work of human mind, the objects tell the emotions that get them born.
A story, a narrative, but also and above all a dance, an endless sequence of actions. Moments in which objects act like real players, moments in which objects interact with actors and dancers.


Concept and direction Michela Marelli and Francesca Molteni

Texts Francesca Molteni, Michela Marelli, Filippo Soldi

Sets Margherita Palli in collaboration with NABA Fine Arts Academy School of Scenography  and Teachers Francesca Pedrotti and Alice De Bortoli;  students Matteo Patrucco, Laura Galmarini, Federica Barbino,  Lidia Musio and Francesca De Francesco

Video Muse Factory of Projects with Studio Due Effe and Marco Dinoia

Choreography direction Francesco Sgrò

Collettivo 320 Chili, Winner of Modern Dance Equilibrio Prize,  Roma 2010

Costumes students at the NABA Three-Year Fashion Design Program,  supervised by Colomba Leddi and Caterina Filice,  with Andrea Trinceri and Bruna Garabelli (NABA Fashion Design)

Lights Claudio De Pace

Music Fabrizio Campanelli

Performers Giorgia Antonelli, Roberta Biagiarelli, Titino Carrara, Alice Melloni,  David Remondini, Diego Runko, Giulia Versari

Dancers Elena Burani, Piergiorgio Milano, Fabio Nicolini Roberto Sblattero  and Francesco Sgrò.

Organization Fabio Ferretti

Production Muse Factory of Projects / Teatro in-folio Residenza Carte Vive sponsored by Fondazione Cariplo-Progetto Être and NABA, New Fine Arts Academy of Milano

Promotion FederlegnoArredo and Fondazione Cosmit Eventi


Collettivo 320Chili’s Company Manager together with Giovanna Milano. October 2011 to November 2012 (Turin, IT)

Pictures by Miro Zagnoli