Theatre for Babies

Pre-school programme by Elisa Fontana for Jagriti Theatre, Bangalore, India. Theatre for Babies is non-verbal theatre approach, where the language of gesture, music and objects offer an opportunity to observe the world. It is intended for preschool children with ability to express themselves mainly non-verbally.


The power and magic of Theatre for Babies is its visual component – an experience carefully calibrated to the perceptive rhythms of very early childhood. Theatre for Babies gives children a space for playful and interactive discoveries of alternative means of imagination and expression.

The programme includes: one performance in the school, a five sessions workshop in which children will approach the non-verbal language (body language, rhythm, coordination of movements with sound, awareness of space, teamwork and emotional expression), one open session at the end of the project (where parents and relatives can participate in a demonstration of the workshop process) and a feedback day with teachers. The programme is followed by 2 days of intensive theoretical and practical training for teachers with lessons about the history of theatre for babies in the western tradition, elements of pedagogy and theatre exercises.

The programme was developed in partnership with Jagriti Theatre, Bangalore, India


Elisa Fontana is an Italian artist who has been working in Theatre for Babies for more than 15 years. In 2007, she founded Wunderchildren Contemporary Art for Young People, a research project on art for a young audience. She expanded her expertise with professional studies in Art for Children, including methodologies such as: Philosophy for Children, Educational Dance, Science Education for Early Infancy, Reggio Children Approach.